Heart Health Recipes That Will Surprise You!

February is American Heart Health Month!!!

Try out some of these fantastic heart healthy recipes! Some of these may surprise you 🙂

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Dr. Sears’ Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

Trying to keep the flu and cold away this season? That can be easier said than done!
Check these helpful tips from Dr Sears.

Dr. Sears’ Cold and Flu Prevention Tips.

4 Healthy Eating Games for Kids


Looking for a great way to get your kids to eat what’s good for them! Here are some fun games that will not only make it fun but encourage them to WANT to eat their fruits and veggies! Have FUN!

Checkout the games here 4 Healthy Eating Games for Kids.

Nutrition for Basketball Players

The determining factor between becoming a good basketball player and a great player is your diet. Good nutritional habits are key for optimum performance and keeping your body fueled and focused.

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Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

A healthy diet inclusive of fruits and vegetables along with sleep and exercise are important for your immune health during the flu season which peaks in mid-February and can last through April.

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Juice Plus+ Provides Immune System Support during Flu Season.

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