Maintain a Balanced Life This Year


Most of us intend to start off the New year in a positive way, however, sticking with our New Year’s resolutions is often harder  than we though – check out these simple ways to stay on track……..

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Healthy Alternatives for Game Day


Oh No! There is a shortage of Velveeta and the Big Game is coming up! What to do?
Forget the velveeta and eat right this Sunday instead with one of these healthy alternatives!
Enjoy the big game while maintaining a balanced nutritional diet.

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Benefits of Coconut Oil


I just switched to cooking with this and my olive oil – both are really good fats for your body. I must say I didn’t think I would like it but it is really good – LOVE sauteeing my vegetables with it. There is a slight coconut flavor but it is light.

On the flip side I also use it for my daughters hair & skin – GREAT MOISTURIZER! We also plan on making some lip balms and other things with it as well (check out you tube)!

Check out the benefits of using coconut oil!




Here is a lip balm recipe we found that my daughter REALLY wants to do!