Obesity, Diabetes Pose Threat to Young Americans

Obesity and diabetes is showing up more and more with our kids. It’s becoming a very serious issue! Check out this article on the dangers of a potential diabetes epidemic.

Let’s start changing the way our kids eat and teach them about good nutrition!


3 thoughts on “Obesity, Diabetes Pose Threat to Young Americans

  1. Nice article on obesity and diabetes and why lifestyles need to change for the better. The growing epidemic in obesity is one of the main reasons why I wrote my book entitled “Healthy Eating Made Easy’ which provides straight-forward and sound nutritional advice for a healthier lifestyle. We do need to educate all people on how to eat better and to incorporate exercise into a routine to develop the type of lifestyle to beat obesity and diabetes and other diseases.

    • Char says:

      Checked out your website! Great videos and info – I went ahead (I hope you don’t mind) and posted one here and on my facebook page with a link back to your website 🙂

      • I am glad you posted my video on trans fat as I do want people to learn what to eat and what to avoid! You can certainly post any of my other videos if you see fit sometime.

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