Relax & Unwind

Part of good health means also taking time to pamper yourself so you can relax and rid yourself of stress.
I Found some fantastic at home spa recipes on Pinterest and wanted to share them with you – I definitely will be trying some of these out myself!




What I love about these is that you make them yourself so you KNOW what is in them – no chemicals or other wierd stuff added : )




Americans Making Healthier Food Choices


We’re consuming more fruit, water and yogurt while skipping sodas, candy and junk food!
If you haven’t done so yet….start now making healthier food choices – you’ll feel much healthier for it.

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If you struggle with getting enough fruits and veggies into your diet or just healthier foods period I recommend giving Juice Plus a try! Juice Plus is NOT a vitamin supplement – it is actual whole food! It is made from whole fruits and veggies and is available in chewables or capsules. There is also a protein shake (Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate) Powder, which can be used as a nutrition shake, a pre or post workout shake and even a meal replacement shake to help you lose weight. Juice Plus helps to keep you healthier by providing your body with nutrients from 25 different fruits, vegetables and grains.

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Berries on Stick Treat

Berries on Stick Treat

1) Put Blueberries on a stick
2) Roll in Greek Yogurt
3) Freeze & serve

Tips: Budget byte: Use frozen berries, thawed. Alternate different kinds of berries on the stick for added flavor!

Healthy, Glowing Skin

Keep skin healthy, fresh and glowing this fall by incorporating these fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Top 5 to keep your skin looking summer fresh.
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