Nutrition Detectives

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share something I am using with my kids this school year as part of their Health lessons! Do you want to teach your kids about nutrition and making healthy choices for themselves?! I came across a program by Dr. Katz (sponsored/funded by Juice Plus+) called Nutrition Detectives

logo_nutritiondetectives Dr. Katz  teaches kids how to better read food labels and find the things on those labels that we just DON’T want in our food and how whole food is ALWAYS the better choice! He also shows them how they can still have some of their favorite foods by looking at labels and picking the healthier choice or by adding veggies to things like their pizza for example.  My kids and I have already pretty much been doing these things since my son is type 1 diabetic but I figured it could only benefit them to learn it some more in a fun way and when we go to the grocery store they can play detectives! I think I may even get them magnifying glasses to make it more fun – LOL.

chapter_3 chapter_2 chapter_1

On the website you will find free downloadable materials and there is also a DVD presentation you can purchase for $5.95 which is what I did. 
My kids love the video presentation and we are now also going through some of the handouts and slideshow presentation. It’s a pretty simple, easy to understand and fun presentation. 


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