From Farm to Capsule

How is Juice Plus made you ask?


•       Juice Plus starts with whole food. We don’t remove anything from the whole food except water.  the whole food is left as whole as possible.
•       They juice the whole fruit or vegetable whenever possible. This includes the peels, seeds and leaves.  These parts of the plant are not usually eaten because of their taste or texture, but they contain many of the nutrients if not a majority of them. 

•        They don’t shortcut the drying process and they don’t add anything to the produce that we don’t have to.  Alot of the fruit and vegetable powders sold today are only around 40-60% original produce.  The other 40-60% is made of excipients.  Excipients are pharmologically inert, adhesive substances, as honey, syrup, or gum arabic, used to bind the contents of a pill or tablet and are added to the fruits and vegetables during the drying process to help make them dry faster. Excipients include ingredients like rice flour, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, and lecithin.  These ingredients dilute the potency of the fruit and vegetable powders, and also make them less expensive.


Take a peek here to see how Juice Plus is made! Also visit Real Food Nuts 4 Juice Plus to learn more.



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