The Rise of Processed Foods

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New report shows Americans and Europeans eating fewer fruits and vegetables.

Americans are now spending 23% of their grocery budgets on processed foods and sweets as compared to 11% in 1982!
Our obesity rates have doubled and our kids are three times more likely to be overweight. Even the packaged foods claiming to be “healthy” are probably contributing to this epidemic since a lot of them are really not healthy for you at all.


We need to go back to eating more whole foods and LESS packaged, processed foods! More Fruits & more vegetables – foods that are actually grown and have to be prepared! Eating whole foods will help us to become healthier, leaner and have more energy. Eating whole foods will help our bodies to better fight off illnesses and diseases by building up our good killer cells. By eating unhealthy and not getting enough fruits and veggies you are building up disease causing cells and killing off the good cells that fight those diseases.

And we most definitely need to teach our kids by example how to eat healthy and take care of their bodies so that they can live longer, healthier lives.

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