Want to Lose weight Naturally?


Almost everyone wants to lose weight!

If you supplied your with body great nutrition, how would it respond? People who have struggled with their weight for years are finally losing weight. My husband being one of them!!!

Juice Plus+ is not a weight loss product, BUT….. It IS a “give your body the nourishment it needs” product. The weight control comes as a byproduct of getting healthier. Do the right things and you won’t have to worry about your weight.

If you really want to lose weight follow this formula:

  • 1st Step: Take Juice Plus+ capsules consistently.
  • 2nd Step: The Juice Plus+ Complete Shake.
    **If you are serious about returning to a healthy weight, now & for life, here is the plan:
    2 Orchard Blend, 2 Garden Blend and 2 Vineyard Blend capsules per day, with plenty of water, and 1 Complete Shake per day. 

**To see the full article visit: http://teamjp.net/health/hungry.shtml**


For more info or to try Juice Plus visit:
Real Food Nuts 4 Juice Plus

Contact Everett Williams 310-766-8269 / realfoodnuts4@yahoo.com


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